Bingin Spot Guide

Nature’s original wave machine, Bingin is known for pumping out perfect left cylinders over a very shallow reef.

‘Length doesn't matter’ ...catch cry of the insecure and Bingin fans alike.

Located at the end of Impossibles and separated by a channel, this is arguably the most perfectly shaped wave in Bali.

An ideal Bingin wave will throw a perfect barrel at the take-off, move along the reef at a leisurely pace, and after 3 to 4 seconds you’ll exit the open tube into the channel.

Access to the break it straight forward, just paddle from behind the peak into the lineup and see if there’s a spare seat in the tiny take-off zone - which there quite often isn’t.There’s usually a bunch of locals surfing here that have the place wired and will be on almost every set wave, but if you’re polite and patient you could still snag yourself a barrel or two.

Best size & tide: You can surf Bingin on all tides, but a low to mid tide on a medium sized swell is your best chance of scoring a barrel here. On higher tides it will offer up a short wall but can get pretty soft and you’ll even get full beginners surfing here on a small swell/high tide combo.

Bingin is more protected from swell than most spots on the Bukit, so if the Peak at Uluwatu is overhead, then Bingin will probably be shoulder high, which is a good size for here. Once it gets into the overhead range it tends to break wide and burger regardless of the tide.

Beach Scene: The wave at Bingin sits at the bottom of a large cliff that’s populated with cafes, warungs and cheap to expensive accommodation. Even though most of these structures are butted up against each other, the lack of any motorbikes or cars makes for a very laid-back atmosphere. It’s a great place to have a beer and watch the sunset with a view overlooking Dreamland, Bingin, Impossibles, Padang Padang and even Uluwatu depending which part of the cliff you’re on.

On low tide there are a bunch of beautiful rock pools to explore or lounge in and you can even walk all the way to Padang Padang along the reef and beach. Just make sure to head back before the high tide or you might get stranded.

The Reef:
Bingin is a particularly shallow wave on low tide, which also happens to be the best tide if you want to get tubed. Just don’t get greedy with the end section and your skin will thank you.

Crowds: ‘If you can’t get tube tubed at Bingin, you can’t get tubed anywhere’. While there is some truth to this, the biggest obstacle to getting tubed at bingin is the crowd. As mentioned earlier, the locals have this place on a string and there are usually a few shredder visitors in the mix as well.

It’s a postage stamp sized take-off zone, and you’ll often see two to three people paddle for the same wave. If you’re not in the mood to hustle, you’ll probably have more fun surfing elsewhere.

Best Wind: East - South East

When To Surf Here: Because Bingin needs more swell than most places the best time of year is between May and September. You could still score here outside of these months, particularly while the S.E trade winds are blowing, but you’re much more likely to get waves at Uluwatu if with small to medium sized swells.

Watch the best days at Bingin here

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