SOB DreamWave

Welcome to our first ever SOB DreamWave Contest!

Every year we record a pile of amazing waves here in Bali, so in 2021 we decided to put together a contest, handpicking the best rides and letting our viewers vote online for monthly and end of year winners.

Contest Details (Summary)

  • Who can enter?: Anyone that SOB films surfing during the contest period is eligible to enter.
  • Are entries from other filmers eligible?: No, this is an in-house SOB contest.
  • Contest period: The time frame to enter is from 1st March 2021 until 31st October 2021.
  • Monthly contest format: SOB will choose four entries from each division at the end of each month (4 men & 4 women). The public will then vote online for their favourite ride, deciding a male and female winner for that month.
  • End of year contest format: Of the eight monthly winners, SOB will select four entries from the men and four entries from the women for the end of year final that the public will vote for online and choose a winner for each division.
  • Monthly prizes: An SOB merchandise pack worth Rp2,000,000 will be presented to the men's and women's monthly first place winners.
  • End of year prizes: Open male division (all nationalities): Rp50,000,000. Top placed Indonesian male: Rp25,000,000. Open female division (all nationalities): Rp50,000,000. Top placed Indonesian female: Rp25,000,000.

    For example: If a non Indonesian surfer gets the most votes, he/she will win Rp50,000,000. The next highest Indonesian will win Rp25,000,000. If an Indonesian surfer gets the most votes - beating all entries including all nationalities - he/she will win Rp50,000,000 + Rp25,000,000 = Rp75,000,000.

    Total prize pool = Rp150,000,000.

    Prize money is the same amount for both men's and women's divisions.

  • Winner takes all: There are no prizes for 2nd, 3rd etc...
  • Voting: You will be able to vote on Surfers of Bali's Instagram, YouTube and Facebook pages. Voting period will last for 24 hours.

For the official contest details in English and Indonesian click here