A Warning For Surfers With Motorbikes In Bali

Make sure your bike isn't the one with the steering unlocked

A Canadian tourist recently had their motorcycle stolen outside a villa in Cemagi, a village near Canggu

After the victim reported the incident to police, they were able to catch the culprits. The Head of Public Relations for Badung Police revealed that the thieves had specifically targeted the Canadian man for the premeditated theft.

They scoped the villa, returning later and pushing the victim's unlocked motorbike to the Nyanyi area in Tabanan. The NMax was then smuggled out of Bali to the Jember area in East Java.

In a collaborative effort between Bali Police and East Java units, the vehicle was recovered, and the trio were caught.

This story should serve as a warning for visitors to make sure to lock the steering of their bikes so it can’t simply be pushed away quietly by thieves. It’s not a guarantee against theft, but is a good deterrent.


Source: balipost.com


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