Bali’s Forbidden Lineups

Like some kind of flashback to a time before surfers, Bali’s waves will once again be completely empty of people, albeit for a day.

From 6:00am March 11th (Monday) until 6:00am March 12th (Tuesday), the island of Bali will basically shut down to celebrate Nyepi, aka the ‘Day of Silence’. People are required to stay inside with no lights, music, or noise. The airport is closed and lineups are off limits, no matter how good the waves might be.

Local Pecalang patrol the streets to make sure no one is breaking the rules during the 24 hours of silence, so you’ve been warned.

Don’t end up like this foreigner who insisted on going for a jog during Nyepi back in 2020. Source:





  • Wow! Props to your people for respecting the water! 🙏🫶🌊

  • There’s a point break on the Muslim side of the island that’s open for business this time of year


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