Mask Free Beaches & No PCR Test For International Arrivals To Bali

Indonesia’s president Joko Widodo announced yesterday (17 May 2022) that a negative Covid-19 PCR test result is no longer a pre-departure requirement for people traveling from other countries into Indonesia.

This policy applies to domestic and foreign travelers who have received two doses Covid-19 vaccination.

In addition to relaxing travel requirements, the president also announced an easing of the use of masks.

People will not need to use masks if they are outdoors or in open areas that are not crowded.

However, for activities in closed spaces and public transportation, it is still mandatory to wear a mask.



  • @a van weeks … No, but if not vaccinated or only partly vaccinated you have to do 5 days quarantine (now also possible in Bali not only Jakarta)

  • Do you still need vaccines to get into Bali?

    A van weers

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