Triumph At Last: Rio Waida Secures 2024 Olympic Qualification

Rio Waida had four opportunities to qualify for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. Three of those attempts were very close but unsuccessful. Yesterday in Puerto Rico, the 24 year-old was able to achieve it.

By advancing through a crucial repechage round, Rio Waida representing Indonesia along with Ramzi Boukhiam from Morocco, and Tim Elter from Germany all qualified for the Olympic Games.

Waida shared, " It was a rough road. There was four events for me to have opportunity to qualify, first it was CT (WSL Championship Tour), I had to make top ten, I didn’t get it, and then ISA Huntington, I had to win and it was very close, that one really hurt me, and then last year in El Salvador I did really bad. I was nervous coming to this event, but during the off-season last year I worked hard. Whatever it is, I would do anything to qualify. The last ten days I just let it happen, just enjoy it and just surf, that’s it.”

Excited about Tahiti, Waida said, "The Olympics are one of the biggest events for athletes. I'm just happy and can't wait for the Olympics. I'm sure I will push my level again in Tahiti. It's one of the most beautiful places in the world, so I'm excited to go."

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