Stoners Of Bali - Surf Instructors Targeted By Bali Narcotics

Bali – island of the gods and long lefts – has a pot problem among surf instructors according Bali Provincial National Narcotics Agency (BNNP)   

Officers carried out surveillance at a number of locations suspected of being places for drug deals, on Wednesday 11 May 2022.

In south Denpasar, a man with initials DS (33), with a suspicious attitude was carrying a package that he claimed was his.

At closer inspection, officers found two packages wrapped in brown duct tape containing what appeared to be marijuana with a total weight of 738.34 grams.   

"One of the suspects is a surf instructor, Bali is synonymous with surfing tourists. This case is not the first time, we are intensively investigating surfing locations, there are indications of it getting worse, people who have surfed are tired by the heat and then at night use marijuana, " said head of the BNNP Bali, Gde Sugianyar DP  

"Initially the suspect did not confess, we were waiting for him to take the item, finally he admitted his actions and the network of surfers in Bali," said Agus Arjaya head of the Bali BNNP Eradication Division.   

"Among surfers, artists, painters there is a belief that marijuana makes you calm, makes you creative, and we emphasize that this is not true," he added. 



  • The government of Bali needs to legalize weed. Weed is very medicinal as it is being proven by countries that have legalized it. The Bali gov can then benifit from the taxes for the betterment of it’s people. Instead of putting money into a so called war you will never win. Love the people of Bali stay save. PEACE🙏

  • Indo law = radical Islam bs

  • Weed doesnt make you creative? Could have fooled me, ive based my creative career around being stoned. Gives me motivation and inspiration to create. Sounds like the words of a dictatorial govt. force with no clue on anything in life that doesnt suit their disturbed narrative. Will never waste my money going to Indonhesia or Bali after reading this.

  • They have it all wrong, Cannabis is the one thing that doesn’t make 1 sick, you know like alcohol & pills make 1 sick & cause death.

  • all this for some pot? so glad i live in Canada. changed mind on traveling to Bali someday!!

    tyler w

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