Have Your Session Filmed By Bali Specialist

Since 2018, Surfers of Bali has made more than 1,000 surf videos, capturing pros and ‘regular Joes’ with a clean and simple style that makes you feel like you’re right there.

Now we’re offering you the chance to have SOB create a personal version of one of our videos here in Bali!

With so much local experience and knowledge, we know exactly how to capture your session and produce an incredible looking video – the ultimate Bali souvenir for any surfer.

Our small team is ready and waiting to make your very own SOB video now.

We Know How To Create Amazing Looking Videos

Filming almost daily for more than 4 years at all of Bali’s breaks, we know how to produce videos with a distinctive style that people love to watch.

Our Videos Have Featured On Some Cool Sites

Editing Your Footage Into A Stunning Video

We have our own style of story-telling at Surfers of Bali, with a bigger picture than just surfing alone – bringing the feeling of being in Bali to every video.

We also take our time colour grading to ensure we get the most out of the raw footage and edit in a way that holds people’s attention.

Every single file is colour-graded to really capture the magic of Bali

We’ll make you a short highlight in square format for Instagram

As well as vertical formatted versions for mobile devices

How It Works

1. Check availability – Send a message to surfersofbali@gmail.com and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours to answer any questions & let you know if there’s an empty slot.

2. Confirm the time and date – By following the check out instructions and making a payment, you’ll lock in the session.

3. We Film Your Session - Our videographer will be waiting for you at the agreed location to start filming. In addition to your surfing footage.

Whether it’s a morning or afternoon session, he’ll be at your disposal for up to 4 hours.

4. The Final Product: Your Own Personal SOB Video - We’ll edit & colour grade the footage. Within 24 hours you'll receive a DropBox link to download all your videos.

If you’d prefer your video on a flashdisc, we’ll send it to wherever you are staying in Bali at no extra cost.

We're Ready & Waiting To Answer Any Questions

We’re limited to filming one morning and one afternoon session per day, so the earlier you book the better chance you have of securing
a slot.

Send an email to surfersofbali@gmail.com to find out about current availability or any other question you might have about this service.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is one session? One session is up to 4 hours, starting from the time we start filming – which will usually start when you arrive at the beach.

How do I book? Send an email to surfersofbali@gmail.com and we’ll let you know about availability. To lock in your session you will need to make a full

How do I contact you? You can contct us by email: surfersofbali@gmail.com . One day before your session we’ll give a mobile and WhatsApp number you can message us on as well.

What currency do you charge in? We charge in US$

What payment methods do you accept? We accept online credit card payments as well as PayPal transfer

Who will shoot my session? One of our experienced videographers will film your session.

What’s the latest I can book a session? You can book a session up to 24 hours beforehand, subject to availability of course.

How long until I get my video? We’ll have your video edited and ready with 24 hours.

What gear do you use? We use the same gear as our YouTube videos: Canon 90D with Canon 70-300mm lens.

What if I cancel? If you cancel 24 hours before your session is scheduled to start (or earlier), you’ll be charged 10% payment. Anytime shorter than 24 hour notice will incur a 20% fee.

What if the waves are bad? There’s almost always somewhere to surf in Bali, but if the forecast doesn’t deliver the waves you were hoping for, you can cancel the session on the day at a cost of 20% of the original fee.

Once we start filming, we will charge you the full fee.

What if it’s raining? We can still film in almost all locations when it’s raining

Will you know where the best waves are? We can tell you where we think the best waves will be, but you will need to hire your own surf guide if you want that kind of service.

We can recommend some great local guides if you are looking for one.

Do you organise transport? No, we don’t organise transport.

Is it cheaper for a family with kids? We can offer a discount for families with young children. Just send us an email and we’ll let you know what kind of deal we can offer.

Do you film beginners? Yes, we film surfers of all levels, including beginners.

Can I change the date/time of a session? You will be charged 10% of the fee to change the date/time of the session.

Can I extend a session if the waves are firing? This will depend on whether we have another client booked. If not we will be able to extend a session at extra cost.

Will I feature on the SOB YouTube channel? There’s no guarantee you’ll feature in one of our regular YouTube videos, but if you happen to be surfing where our second cameraman is filming that day you might get in there.

Contact us
if you have any questions or if you'd like to book a session.